DIY Ideas for Your Halloween Party

Just two weeks after telling you that you don’t have to wait until jack-o-lantern season to show off your pumpkin-decorating skills, I’m here to say it – it’s time to get ready for Halloween!

I’ve never been able to put together a magazine-worthy party spread like these:

Found here, here and here

But with a little extra prep time, I’m betting we can all scare up some DIY magic to put into our holiday party plans. We can talk about punch and party games, but I thought it would be fun to break down the ideas I found by classic Halloween character.  So here we ghoul, I mean, go.


Wrap up a good time with some decorative and edible mummies. Then wrap up little party-goers!


Spiders are creepy and crawly, yes. Delicious and glittery? They are now! These spider web projects are so easy you can even let the kids help out.


Save your sheets this year when you opt for some less conventional ghosts. Line your walkway with these repurposed milk jugs and set up poltergeist pins for ghostly bowling. But even if you don’t ghost up the decor and games, please make the little strawberry ghosts. They are so funny and cute!


And of course, we couldn’t have a fall post without talking about pumpkins. With these finger food ideas you can have your veggies and your pumpkin spice flavors. Then grab a soda from your oh-so-clever pumpkin cooler.

Personally, I don’t think I could stick to just one of these themes for my party. But they all go together so well, who cares?

So, what spooky themes are you going to try this year? What Halloween classics did I miss?

About carly

When she’s not naming characters from childhood-favorite cartoons and quoting The Office, Carly tries to catch her cat doing hilarious things, cruises the craft aisle for her party-supply cache, and reads from the pile of books and magazines on her nightstand.

2 responses to “DIY Ideas for Your Halloween Party

  1. Love the pumpkin “cooler”!

  2. Woah this is cool! Thanks for sharing, gonna use some of these.

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